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“The Validation of the Effectiveness of Active Learning” for the New Research Project

At the 2015 first meeting of the board of directors of the association held on April 27, the board members decided to adopt the following research project.  The project members were also officially appointed.

Title: The Validation of the Effectiveness of Active Learning
Project Leader: Shinichi Mizokami (Kyoto University)
Project Members: Shinichi Mizokami (Kyoto University), Norihiro Miho (Kyoto Gakuen University), Honda Shuji (Shimane University), Kunimasa Yamada (Hokkaido University), Tayo Nagasawa (Mie University), Michiyo Tokui (Hokkaido University)

Also note that the following two research projects, which were first adopted before JACUE was reorganized into the present corporate body, have been approved to be continued.

- Quality Assurance in General Education in Undergraduate Program (Project Leader: Testuya Takahashi)
- Student Support for University Students with Development Disabilities: The Roll of University Education (Project Leader: Toru Aono)

New Association Structure

(日本語) 団体会員の新しい特典



(日本語) 思考を鍛える大学の学び入門:論理的な考え方・書き方からキャリアデザインまで


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