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Latest Issue of the Journal – Table of Contents


Vol.36. No.1 May 2014


Prefatory Note
    Reiko Yamada

Keynote Address
Active Learning for Active Citizenship: Educational Designs,Pedagogies,and Practices
    Caryn McTighe Musil

Special Symposium
A Proposal for the Symposium by the Host University
    Katsuhiro Engetsu
“Towards Qualitative Changes of University Education ~Reports of Central Council for Education and Future Issues~”
    TeiichiI Kawata
“Propriety of Active Learning:From the perspective of educational culture”
    Toru Iiyoshi
Students and Active learning: How the Learning Commons Supports Student’s Learning
    Reiko Yamada
On the New Direction of the Undergraduate Education in Japan
    Shuichi Tsukahara

Symposium I
Chairperson’s Note
    Eiko Shimizu, Toshiki Nakai
Requirements for Curriculum Managements through Corporation of Professors and Stuffs
    Kazuya Sasaki
Curriculum management practices from the perspective of studies of university staff and academic-administrative collaboration
    Jun Oba

Symposium II
Research Purpose,Planning,and Progress on“Quality Assurance in Mathematical Science Education as General Education”
    Tetsuya Takahashi
A study on direct assessment of learning outcomes in general education: Its goal,plan and progress
    Kayo Matsushita
Toward quality assurance in general education
    Tetsuya Takahashi
Measuring Learning Outcomes on General Education through Indirect Assessment
   Reiko Yamada
Research Purposes,Study Plans,and Their Progress on“Management for Quality Assurance in General Education”
    Tomoko Torii

Symposium III
Evaluation of Student Affairs:the chairman’s record of the symposium
    Takeshi Kushimoto
Evaluation of Student Affairs:focusing on self-study in Accreditation Process
    Ron Hashiba
Evaluation of Student Affairs:Case Studies of Good Practices in Japan
    Saeko Kojima
Evaluation of Student Support Services in the UK
    Kiyotake Oki
Trend of student affairs evaluation in American higher education
    Yukiko Onuki

Symposium IV
Chairperson’s Note
    Hiroaki Sato
Systematic FD activity and Building“Learning Organization”
    Fumiko Inoue
The Roles of Faculty Developer Should Play to Promote the theory of“Learning Organization”in the process of Faculty Development
    Naoko Yamauchi
Comments on the Findings Obtained from the Application of‘Learning Organization’Theory to Faculty Development Agenda
    Terumasa Ikeda
Relationship between cognition,behavior,and outcomes on teaching and learning of university teachers.
    Tsuyoshi Yamada
From Learning to Research:Comment on the Presentation by Yamada
    Naoyuki Ogata

Emergency Symposium
An urgent symposium on internationalization of our society and its English name
    Masaaki Ogasawara

Prospects for Direct Assessment of Problem Solving Competence: Development of Modified Triple Jump in Problem-Based Learning
    Kazuhiro Ono
Time Perspective on Learning:Relationship between Student Learning
and Career Development
    Toru Kawai
Student Support Project with University-Community Collaboration: Study of Impact on Student Development
    Noriko Sakurai

Case Studys
Standardization of class content and evaluation method for first-year course“Sports”
    Takashi Niwasaki
A Positive Psychology-Based Career Education Program: Promoting an Affirmative View of the Self
    Kumiko Inagaki

Book Reviews
Koji Katou,Paradigm shift of university class
    Tetsuo Suemoto
Tetsusuke Hayashi,Thought of Liberal Arts Educatinon.
    Keiichiro Yoshinaga
Reiko Kosugi, Support for unemployed graduates from high school and University
    Tatsuo Watanabe

News and Note