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Research Project History

Research projects undertaken by the Japan Association for College and University Education since its establishment:

  • Research Project No. 1: “University Education Issues Related to Course of Study
    (Project Leader: Sho Ogiya, 1980–1984)
  • Research Project No. 2: “Meaning and Policy of Dissertation Writing, Book Reading, Dialogue and Debate in University Education”
    (Project Leader: Takeshi Horichi, 1981–1988)
  • Research Project No. 3: “Research of Integrated Subjects/Integrated Courses
    (Project Leader: Osamu Yoshida, 1985–1988)
  • Research Project No. 4: “Faculty Development Research”
    (Project Leader: Izou Shimizu, 1985–1997)
  • Research Project No. 5: “Education in Undergraduate Courses”
    (Project Leader: Izou Shimizu, 1988–1997)
  • Research Project No. 6: “University Self-Evaluation Methodology”
    (Project Leader: Masao Seki, 1988–1997)
  • Research Project No. 7: “Organization and System for Implementation of General Education”
    (Project Leader: Takeshi Horichi, 1991–1997)
  • Research Project No 8: “Concrete Advancement of Faculty Development Activities”
    (Project Leader: Kazuo Hara, 1997–)
  • Research Project No. 9: “Students’ Self-directed Learning”
    (Project Leader: Yoshiro Tanaka, 1998–)
  • Research Project No. 10: “University Academic Staff Evaluation”
    (Project Leader: Toyoshi Sato, Takashi Yasuoka, 1998–)
  • Research Project No. 11: “Foreign Language Education Reform”
    (Project Leader: Masao Terasaki, Shigemi Chiba, 1998–)
  • Research Project No. 12: “Operation of the Credit System”
    (Project Leader: Kazuie Sanuki, 1998–)


Research projects undertaken since 2004 (under new Research Committee Provisions)

  1. “First-Year Experiences/Foundation Education”
    (Project Leader: Atsushi Hamana, 2004–2006)
  2. “Fundamentals of Evaluation/Certification of University General Education”
    (Project Leader: Kunio Goto, 2004–2006)
  3. “Faculty Development Dynamics – Follow-up of First Survey and a New Model”
    (Project Leader: Tsunemi Tanaka, 2006–2008)
  4. “The Implementation of New Foundation Courses of Specialist Subjects in Undergraduate Courses”
    (Project Leader: Taketoshi Hideshima, 2006–2008) (Report Abstract)(The full report can be found in the “Document Room” of the “Members’ Page.”)
  5. “New Horizons for SD – Toward Developing University Member Capabilities”
    (Project Leader: Kazuya Sasaki, 2008–2010)(The full report can be found in the “Archive” of the “Members’ Page” in Japanese)
  6. “The Dynamics of Setting Study Targets, Program Development and Evaluation in Undergraduate Courses”
    (Project Leader: Atsushi Hamana, 2008–2010)
  7. “Design and Management of General Education”
    (Project Leader: Shohei Yamauchi, 2010–)